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Women are now going to have a super time with themselves as here comes the new-age Baiai Luxury Vibrator for wild and erotic sessions. Made of good quality silicone, it is safer to use. Purple in colour, it has a sleek design that makes it insert smoothly inside the pussy. It has a white base that complements its look as well.

Have a look at some of its features:

·         Made of silicone

·         Safer to use

·         Purple in colour

·         Sleek design

·         Inserts smoothly

·         Multi-vibration settings

Frequently Answered Questions:

Why buy Baiai Luxury Vibrator?

Baiai Luxury vibrator is powerful enough to send erotic sensations through the genitals. So, if you are among those women who wish to achieve orgasm during your intimate hours, just try playing with it once.

How to use Baiai Luxury Vibrator?

Hold it well against the pussy and slowly take in and out. Activate the vibrations and feel the heat.

Who can use Baiai Luxury Vibrator?

Baiai Luxury vibrator has been designed for women to use on their clitoris for extreme sensations. Use a toy cleaner or a lubricant for better results.


If you want to take an erotic massage after a hectic day at home with the help of your partner, get this Alice Lovetoy Premium Massager. With this massaging device, you can now take this excitement to a new level. The material used is good quality silicone that makes it easy to clean and safe to use.

Have a look at some of its features:

·         Erotic massager

·         Made of silicone

·         Easy to clean

·         Safe to use

·         Amazing vibration modes

·         Sleek in look

·         Compact in size

Frequently Answered Questions:

Why buy Alice Lovetoy Premium Massager?

Enjoy to the fullest during your foreplays as the Alice Lovetoy Premium Massager creates an absolute soothing yet erotic sensations on the clitoris. It is also quite light in weight, sleek in look, and can be used with no effort at all. In fact, you will be able to carry it in your purse while travelling.

How to use Alice Lovetoy Premium Massager?

Grip it well and bring its tip on the clitoris for an ultimate sensation. Feel the vibrations and you will turn orgasmic with time.

What makes Alice Lovetoy Premium Massager stand out?

Alice Lovetoy Premium Massager is so compact in size that it can be carried in small purses. This would help the user play with it discreetly in public.


Bring home the Desire Barbie Vibrator as it would create strong sensations in the G-spot and make her cum with passion. With an ability to leave you in an utterly erotic state, the vibrator has a softer grip and is also quite good enough to grasp for hours. It uses two AAA batteries to stay active and operational.

A quick glance at few of its features:

·         G-spot vibrator

·         Soft to grip

·         Made of silicone

·         10 vibration effects

·         Soft touch buttons

·         Made of silicone

·         User-friendly operation

Frequently Answered Questions

Why buy Desire Barbie Vibrator?

Be it your bed or the shower, this vibrator will keep showering happiness everywhere with its 10 different vibration effects. It measures 8.8 inches, which is quite good enough to penetrate the vagina.

How to use Desire Barbie Vibrator?

Just install the batteries, insert into the vagina and switch it on. It is recommended to start off with a slow vibrating effect and you can raise the speed with time. After the performance, clean it properly that can be done without any effort.

What makes Desire Barbie Vibrator different from others?

Desire Barbie Vibrator does not strain your hands, no matter for how long you wish to use it. Moreover, it gives users the pleasure to switch between different modes of vibration.


Now stimulate your genitals as much as you can with this super stylish Dolphin Shape Mini Vibrator. Designed to make women go crazy in bed, this G-spot vibrator is soft and quite flexible for being made of premium quality silicone. Purple in colour, it looks quite stylish and has a perfect dimension of 3 x 11 x 21 cm. What makes it a perfect gadget for female masturbation is its powerful vibrator that stirs the clit, generates orgasm and prepares one for the climax.

Dolphin Shape Mini Vibrator is run by 2 AA batteries that provide sufficient charge to gear it up for a commendable performance. As this G-spot vibrator is made of silicone, one can easily clean it with some warm water and soap.

Product: Dolphin Shape Mini Vibrator

Category: G-spot vibrator

Material: Silicone

Colour: Purple

Size: 3 x 11 x 21 cm