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Privacy Policy


Loveteaser has its confidential policies. If not these policies are read and understood by one and all, one may find complications in dealing with us. Therefore, it is advised to go through the following privacy policies before cracking a deal with Loveteaser.

We Keep Your Data Protected

All customers are precious to us, we make sure to protect his/her information by all means. Whether it is one’s contact details, name, or address, we keep everything confidential. So, everyone who visits our online store is kept anonymous by us. After one logs in to our website, we reveal his/her identity.

We Process your Data

Loveteaser not only collects customer-required information but also processes them correctly. This is done for the customer’s ease so that they can buy without any trouble. Moreover, this would let them order claims from us when needed. The information generally that is taken from the customers are their name, address, email, gender, phone number, fax number, details about payment details, details on the bank account, debit and credit card, etc.

We Accept Accurate Information

In the case of receiving payments from customers, we also require correct information. This data is also vital for us to continue and look after several sections of our online store, identify wrong doings on the website, etc. Therefore, we demand that the customers must have faith in information at all costs.

We do not Deal with Third Parties

We always update the order details that are also important for us. So, you need to log in through your account and take out the needed data when required. To keep up privacy at its best, we always stay away from third parties. By any chance someone does this, we are not responsible and do not accept any false allegations in this matter later. From our side too, we do not disclose any customer personal data with any outsider. If we need to do so, we always take the consent of customers positively.

We Announce Winners

In the case of market research and valuable opinion, Loveteaser might require personal data from customers. Also, if customers are interested to participate in any sort of contest, then personal details might be needed also. As based on this information, we promote all our offers and also announce winners.

Apart from taking practical measures, we also take strong security initiatives to keep your information protected against any unauthorized access. We have a genuine server from where we might require all your data. These servers are well secured with firewalls, which declare complete security. This also keeps all details on electronic payments safe and secure.

We Hold the Copyright

We have the patent for owning this secret policy. Hence, we do not allow any third-party involvement for commercial purposes. So, if someone has been violated the laws, we would take legal action. We also have the right to bring required changes to our policy.

We can be adding or subtract clauses and conditions or anything. For this, Loveteaser, will not be held answerable to anyone and will not notify regarding this too.

In case you want to clarify the query or suggestion, you can always email us at