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Moon Period Cup

                                                                Moon Period Cup – Menstrual Days are now Safer

 A moon period cup is an exclusive product aimed at sustaining feminine hygiene. Being made of medically tested silicone, it is extremely soft and flexible, which can be easily worn during menstruation inside the vagina in order to preserve the menstrual fluid. It is a cheaper yet safer alternative that calls for eco-friendliness and a lot better than tampons and pads. Made of medically approved, high quality silicone, it is absolutely reusable and can therefore be used for years. So, women who have been tired using traditional sanitary products during menstruation can now this new and innovative moon period cup. On an average, it has been found that a high percentage of women use traditional sanitary products, which leads to the accumulation of sanitary waste in the surrounding areas. One big reason is that they are usually disposed after use. In contrast, a moon period cup is environmental-friendly and quite skin-friendly as well. On being inserted, it will give rise to a tender seal with the vaginal walls that will collect and preserve your flow. The fluid can then be poured through the loo and then the cup can be cleaned with water and soap for reuse. What’s best about a moon period cup is that it does not absorb the fluid. Rather, it collects and then throws off the fluid. This, in fact, allows the user to wear it up to 12 hours at a stretch. Moreover, a moon period cup is quite safe as it is made of non-toxic materials and one can even carry it small purses from one place to another.   

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